Offer your customers a solution and make your destination a location!

System Overview

  • VIP Lockers are available for short and long term leases and revenue sharing
  • The high-tech lockers are thin and sleek lockers designed to maximize revenue per-square-foot.  They significantly add to your company's revue with a minimal amount of space.
  • The lockers increase customer traffic and frees up customers to other purchases.
  • There are no ongoing costs to the location and you receive checks in the mail.
  • Customize the locker sizes and colors with our many options.  Plus, add extra value with cell phone charging units in every locker.

System Features

  1. EASY TO USE: Friendly guided directions.
  2. SECURITY: Allows for customers to set their own 4-6 digit password.
  3. PAYMENT OPTIONS: All major credit cards and/or cash.
  4. CHARGING CAPABILITY (OPTIONAL): Charges over 95% of all major mobile devices.
  5. DATA TRACKING: Sales tracking capability
  6. ADVERTISING: Vinyl wrapping, and 19" monitor capable of motion videos, music and photo slideshow to boost revenue.

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