Terms and Conditions

  1. Locker rentals are available to students, faculty, staff, customers, and community memberships.
  2. Locker rental agreements are non-refundable.
  3. Certain occasions may require VIP Lockers or locker location(s) to check lockers for safety, security, or locker malfunction issues.
  4. Lockers will be cleaned out at the end of every business day.  Any remaining contents will be removed and kept at the lost and found area.  Contact the building security/office for details.
  5. Proper care of the locker is the responsibility of the renter. Defacing or damaging the lockers by any means (stickers, paint, markers, etc.) are grounds for withdrawal of locker privileges; the renter will be charged the cost of repair or replacement of the locker.
  6. Lockers may not be re-assigned or sublet.
  7. The renter agrees to full responsibility of the contents in the rented locker and ensures the items placed in the locker are for recreational purposes and do not pose a threat to the facility or other users of the facility.
  8. VIP Lockers is not responsible for items stored in lockers or loss due to theft, vandalism, fire or any other circumstance.
  9. VIP Lockers is not responsible for the compatibility or damage to any mobile device.
  10. Food items are not permitted to be stored in the lockers.
  11. The renter may not store inside or near lockers any Hazardous Materials (including, but not limited to: packaged foods, flammable materials, explosives, or inherently dangerous material, or any other personal property violating local, state or federal law.
  12. Day lockers and single use lockers are provided for the benefit and convenience to the customers.
  13. Violation of any of the above terms may result in the forfeiture of the locker, future rentals, and/or additional penalties.

phone/fax: 888-705-4976
email: info@viplockers.com