Q: How do you rent and use the lockers?
A: It's easy! You pick your locker, create a pin, and swipe your credit card or insert bills!  To open, you enter your locker number, put in your pin, and the door opens!  We make it safe and easy to store your belongings.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards and cash.

Q: What are the sizes of your lockers?
A: Our standard and most common locker is 12" tall x 12" wide x 12" deep.  The locker size my vary by location.  We can customize lockers to any size the venue requires.

Q: Where do I start if I want to have lockers placed at my location?
A: Fill out your information here, email us at info@viplockers.com or call us at 888-705-4976.  Please include your company name, locker location, and all of your contact information.  We appreciate your time and will contact you ASAP.

Q: What if I have any additional questions?
A: Please email us at info@viplockers.com or call us at 888-705-4976 and we will help resolve any questions you may have.

phone/fax: 888-705-4976
email: info@viplockers.com